We make data work for you.

Whoever said "Information is the New Oil" had it right. It's the fuel for all modern organizations, including not-for-profits, who face increasing pressure to be effective in gathering resources and achieving their mission. We partner with non-profit and public sector organizations to maximize impact through meaningful and actionable data. 

Decades of experience. A passion for community.

With a keen eye for data and a commitment to our community, we strive to help non-profits make better use of information to achieve their mission. 

Make big decisions with small data.

Non-profit leaders face difficult decisions. We help clients become more data-driven in answering key questions. 


Which of our strategies create the most impact? 

Are our resources aligned against the most important strategies?  

Which metrics should we track to predict program success?

How do we quantify our impact to our funders?



Which fundraising initiatives are worth the investment?

What opportunities exist to increase donor retention and giving?

What metrics should I track to predict success?



How can we track progress against our goals?

Do we have the right systems to maximize efficiency?